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Bulk Uncleaned, Unattributed, Ancient Coins and Fine Ancient Art and Antiquities from the HolyLand

Bulk Uncleaned, Unattributed Ancient Coins

Bulk Uncleaned, Unattributed Ancient Coins CLOSEUP_UNCLEANEDUNATTRIBUTEDANCIENTCOINSFROMTHEHOLYLAND Our bulk hoards of uncleaned, unattributed ancient coins are mixed varieties of mostly Roman, Byzantine, Greek, Seleucid, Ptolemy, Judean, Islamic, Nabatean, Phoenician, and Persian coins (the last three (3) being more rare types found here) – i.e. mixed varieties of the ancient coins that were left here by the peoples, cultures, traders, and empires that traversed this landbridge that connects Asia, Europe, and Africa that we know today as the Holy Land.

Attributed Ancient Coins

Our attributed ancient coins are available in three options (hoards, lots, and individual coins), depending upon how that particular hoard/lot/coin is purchased and received by us, and thus how we are able to offer our attributed ancient coins to our clients.

Individual Fine Ancient Art

There is a fine line between what constitutes simple, common antiquities, and what constitutes fine ancient art. For some, antiquities and ancient art are one (and the same), albeit in varying degrees.

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